It's not just a photo session. It's an experience...

...a pampered experience filled with fun, emotion and the celebration of your family.

What is the Kristen Clabaugh Experience?

I will preserve your family memories, but not just in photographic form. I will "bottle up" your memories in photographic, audio, video and literature - to create a priceless gift that lets you relive them over and over.

You no longer have to be afraid you're going to forget the adorable way your son pronounces his sister's name, the way your daughter sucks her thumb while holding her blankie, or those first few days at home from the hospital. I will take that fear away. Because there is a way to make you not forget, and I will do just that.

Momma, you will feel so beautiful not only on the day of the shoot, but every time you walk by your photos in your house. You will feel proud of the body that God has given you to birth and take care of your children.

You won't have to worry about where to order your prints, what size to order, or where to hang them, because I will take care of all of that for you.

Before the shoot:

  • You will receive my What to Wear Style Guide, which will help give you ideas on what you would like to wear.

  • You will have a journaling exercise and will fill out a questionnaire about your family that will help me create your Keepsake Album.

  • You will have the option of having a fashion stylist plan your outfit selections.

  • You will have the option of having a highly-trained makeup artist and hair stylist come to your home the day of your shoot to style you and make you feel your absolute best.

  • We will have a pre-planning consultation to plan out the location and exactly what you want from the shoot.

Day of the shoot:

  • You will feel your most beautiful on the day of the shoot, with all the pampering you've received.

  • Lots of fun activities will be planned during the shoot to assure real-life memories and smiles are captured.

  • You will want to go out on the town or on a date with your significant other after the shoot because you feel so beautiful.

After the shoot:

  • A few weeks after the shoot, you will come to the studio to your Order Session where drinks and light hor d'ouerves will be provided. Here, you will be able to view your your family memories in the form of artwork as it would look already hanging on your walls, as well as the priceless Keepsake Album and video I have created for you.

  • I will help you plan for the future - not only what type of photos we should take, but where they should go on your walls.

  • You will be ecstatic and relieved every time you relive these memories - because you know now that they are yours to keep - forever.


How is the Kristen Clabaugh Experience different from other photography experiences?

Every. Single. Part of what you may worry about is taken care of in advance:

  • What to wear - check

  • The location - check

  • Optional hair and makeup services - check

  • Capturing genuine smiles and personalities - check

  • Where to hang the photos on your wall - check

  • Sizes you should print for your walls - check

  • Where to print your digital images for the best quality - check

But I don’t just take care of these things, I go above and beyond:

  • I have an optional stylist on hand to plan your family’s outfit choices according to your particular styles, body types, etc.

  • We will plan out your location at least a month in advance. Would you like sunflowers? I’ll find them. Need a wildflower field? Got it. Mountain backdrop? Got it. Whatever you can dream, we’ll make it happen.

  • Need professional hair and makeup services? Not only do we offer that, we have our amazing stylists come out to your house on the day of the session so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • I make each session fun and memorable with fun games and activities to get true, genuine laughter and emotions out of my subjects.

  • Confused about where to hang your photos? Send me photos of your walls and I will create custom collages on your walls for you to see virtually - so you’ll know exactly where they’ll look the best.

  • When creating your custom collages, the sizes are calibrated to your room, so that you can see exactly what those sizes will look like on your wall - the guesswork of wondering what sizes to print is finally erased!

  • When I give you a print release, I will include a list of recommended print labs to print from. I also sell prints from my studio, and as always, you can come to me at any time after your session with any questions about printing your files.

  • I go above and beyond photography - into video and journaling. You will be asked to journal about your family/senior/newborn/pregnancy, etc. and I will create an album for you with your journal content. I will also capture raw video footage of those special moments between you and your family/newborn/senior, etc. I do this so you’ll never forget the little moments that, well 20 years from now aren’t really so little.