Policies and Terms


*Deposit of full session fee (for full sessions) or half of session fee for mini sessions required upon booking to save your spot.
*Deposits are non-refundable


*Shoots can be rescheduled for any reason within the month that you booked. There are no guarantees outside the month that was booked, due to possibility of photographer already being booked up.
*Due to the time it takes to schedule, prepare, find a baby sitter, etc… for the scheduled shoot, if the shoot is re-scheduled by the client more than three times (for reasons not due to weather), the deposit will be fore fitted by the client and the client will need to book a new shoot at the photographer’s next available date.

Re-edits of photos and edits of additional photos

*Each session fee includes the editing of a certain amount of photos (20 for a Full Session, 10 for Maternity Sessions, 6 for a Signature Mini Session and 5 for an Essential Mini Session). When the client receives his/her gallery, he/she can request one round of tweaks to the photos. Any additional rounds of edits will be charged hourly.
*If the client would like any additional photos edited for his/her session, there will also be an additional fee.


*Mini sessions are done at the studio or a nearby area in the neighborhood of the studio, unless they are group mini sessions, then they will be done at photographer’s chosen location.
*Any outdoor locations that are privately owned must be approved through owner for use

Shooting Times

*Evening sessions (full sessions) are done on the following days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and select Sundays.
*Mini sessions are done on the following days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday (during the day only), and select Sundays.

Unedited Images

*Unedited images will not be provided.

Work Hours

*Although I love what I do, God and family come before all else. That being said, unless of course I am on a shoot or meeting with a client in the evenings, I will be unavailable during the evening and weekend hours. If you send me an email, text, etc. regarding your shoot, please don’t think I’m ignoring you :) I promise to get back to you within the business hours of M-F 8-5pm.
*If it’s an emergency of some sort, that’s an exception - please call me at the number I’ve given you and I will get back to you during the off-hours. Thank you for understanding the importance of this!

*Prices subject to change at anytime without notice.  When you book a session and choose your package, that price will be locked in for your session.