Kristen Clabaugh Photography - FAQs

What type of photography do you offer? 

I am a fine-art photographer, offering maternity, lifestyle newborn, day-in-the-life, family portraits, children's portraits, engagement and couples, general portraits, senior portraits, tween portraits, milestone sessions, and head shots for businesses.

I do not currently photograph weddings.

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What is "fine-art photography"?

A fine-art photograph is created by having an idea in mind of the look the artist is going for and the message they want to convey.  For my style of fine-art photography, I plan the photographs with you, the client beforehand, from the location, look and feel, the shots we plan to capture, even down to what will be worn at the shoot.   After the shoot, I select the absolute best images and carefully edit each of them in a detailed manner, adding artistic elements when necessary to convey a specific message.

When all of these elements are planned cohesively, it can create a beautiful masterpiece that you will want to walk by and see on the walls of your home for years to come.

What is Day-in-The-Life and how is it different from a normal Family Portrait session?

Day-in-the-life sessions consist of me coming into your home, spending time with your family, photographing your life with your family, behind-the-scenes.  These sessions are especially good for families with young children, who feel like time is flying by at the speed of light (because well, it is).  This helps you to capture memories of not just posed family sessions., but real life as it unfolds.

I speak with you, the parent, beforehand to plan out the session and have you fill out a questionnaire of what a typical day looks like with your family. We then choose a day when the whole family will be present, and when you are celebrating traditions together such as Saturday morning waffles, or Sunday evenings at the park - all of which is planned out accordingly beforehand.  

Examples of photos that will be taken are:  your nighttime reading routine with your children before bed, giggling together on the couch, making pizza together, and dancing in the living room.  The possibilities for for memorable photos in a day-in-the-life session are endless.

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How is a Lifestyle Newborn Session different from a regular Newborn session?

A lifestyle newborn session can be done within four weeks of the baby's birth.  

As a mom myself, I know how the first few weeks a parent, as joyous as they are, they are also tiring and can be a blur.  This is why I offer Lifestyle Newborn Sessions: so that I can come into your home and capture those precious moments between you, your family and the new baby, so that you won't forget these special moments for years to come.

The lifestyle session is a mix between a day-in-the-life session and portrait session - where some of the shots are stylized and posed, but some are real-life as it's unfolding in your home.

Examples of photos taken at a lifestyle newborn session are: Mom and Dad (and brother/sister) feeding baby, baby bath time, grandparents holding baby, Mom and Dad playing with baby, family shots in nursery, baby with sentimental toys and/or in sentimental outfits.

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Do you sell your unedited images?

Because I view myself as a graphic artist as well as a photographer, I do not sell my unedited images.  I view each image I create as artwork, and photographing the subject is only a part of the process.

To sell my unedited images would be selling unfinished work.  Think of it as a cake baker who bakes a cake, but hasn't yet put the icing on it.  Selling the unfinished cake would give a misrepresentation of the baker's work, just as selling unedited images would give a misrepresentation of my work.

Do you edit every photo you take?

I carefully select a certain number of photos to edit based on my overall artistic judgement.  I view each photo that I edit as not just a photo, but a piece of art to be hung on a wall of your house, which I carefully and meticulously hand-edit.  For that reason, and also so that I do not overwhelm you with too many choices (as a parent, I like to take the "simpler is easier approach when it comes to choices), I do not edit every photo I take - only the best of the best - those that I know you'll want to display.

Is there a way to have more edited images than what is provided in the package?

Yes. I edit a certain amount to be chosen from for each session:

  • 10-12 for the Half Session
  • 20-22 for the Full Session
  • 25-27 for the Extended Session
  • 25 for the Lifestyle Newborn Session
  • 30 for the Generations Newborn Session 

Extras can be purchased when viewing your gallery to choose images. 

If you would like more images than what would be available to purchase in the package you chose, I would recommend upgrading to the next package if available.

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Do you offer rush editing if I need my photos sooner than you normally promise?

Yes, I do offer rush editing for an extra fee and this will apply to a case-by-case basis.

Do you require a deposit, and if so, how much?

Yes. Because I typically book up months in advance. I require the full session fee if booking a full session, or half down if booking a mini session.

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