Day in the Life Photography by Kristen Clabaugh

"If anything, do it for your children and grandchildren to look back on someday."  - Kristen

What is a "Day in the Life" Session? (Scroll for photos.)

A Day in the Life session captures your family's most genuine moments in your most genuine environment: your home.  The home is where those sentimental moments happen, where traditions are practiced, where everyone sits around the dinner table together, where you kiss your kids goodnight, pray with them before they start their day and more.  And this is what a Day in the Life session captures - in an artistic way.

Each photo from a Day in the Life session tells a story - a story for you to remember and look back on 30 years from now, when your kids are grown and have kids of their own, so that they can pass these photos on down to them, and on through the generations.

A Day in the Life session is right for your family if:

  • Your kids are still in that "cuddly" stage so that you can have those sweet, fleeting moments captured before your kids get too old to want to cuddle, play games, sing together, etc...

  • You love capturing those sentimental, unplanned moments of your children but well, it's not practical to walk around with a camera in your hand all day every day to do so.

  • You would like to be captured in the frame with your children giving your them hugs/snuggles, cooking for/eating with them, praying with them, reading to them, playing games with them or whatever activities you love doing together, because let's face it, it's so easy to be the one taking the photos, but then we look back and realize we were never IN the photos ourselves.

  • You have any type of tradition as a family such as Saturday morning waffles, praying before school, nightly bedtime routines, once a week board games, etc...

  • You want to capture memories of your family/children in the stage they're in because you know the moments are fleeting...